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Does Going Abroad Boost Your Income and Help Your Career?

As a small world gets smaller, employers across the US and Europe are looking for that “international experience” element in the resumes of job applicants. Does going abroad, even for […]

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Marxist and Neo-Marxist Theories of Social Stratification

Why does social stratification exist? Karl Marx had a Theory Karl Marx, a social and economic thinker in the 19th century, had a theory of how societies are organized and […]

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Sociology Blogs in 2022

What are sociology blogs? Sociology blogs are typically short-form online writing by professional sociologists. Many blogs are about particular topics, such as political inequality, or economic sociology, and so on. […]

Racial Discrimination in US Housing: Evidence from the 2000 HUD Study

Racial discrimination is in the real estate market Clearly, there is such discrimination.  But how do we know if the discrimination is due to race, or some other factor?   The […]

Animal Hoarding

What is animal hoarding? Who hoards animals? What can be done about it?